Take control over your carbon footprint!

GreenEdge is a real-time environmental footprint reporting system aiming to support businesses which have taken an active decision to pursue their journey of reducing their environmental footprint and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.


We strongly believe that following up on environmental performance with the same accuracy and frequency as with financial- and safety performance goals is key to succeed our transformation and achieve our environmental goals.

Automated data collection

Other than the design of the dashboard, the real challenge is collecting data from all sources, which we believe should be automated, live, reliable and open to any sources.

Aggregated data

Measuring our global environmental impact requires to aggregate data coming from different sources which could be external partners (through API) or local sensors (through IoT solutions)

Organizational approach

The application is built targeting business units, but with easy aggregation following the enterprises management structure

Environmental budget

Managers gets support building their action plan for the environmental budget and to follow the progress of the actions along the year

Built for change

The portal is built for change, and will be adjusted to new indicators or features needed to meet future requirements.


GreenEdge is an environmental footprint reporting tool assisting to collect and visualise the carbon footprint of your business. We have focused on the addressing challenges such as decreasing the time it takes to gather emission data by automating the collection of data. Data is automatically updated by either API calls or by connecting to existing sensors. Adding clamp on sensors to your building is also a service we provide. If you have a way for us to query consumption data, we can collect it and transform it to carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

GreenEdge addresses the following challanges:
  • Mitigates manual labour by collecting data through API-integrations or real-time data by connecting to on-site meters or sensors.
  • Continuous update of your emissions in the dashboard, always have live and updated data when you need it.
  • Following up your activities and set a yearly budget.
  • Accurate and correct data for different roles, by aggregating data on organisational level GreenEdge makes it simple to get a total overview of all emissions.


GreenEdge comes as a base package with all features included. Site installation package is recommended but not mandatory. GreenEdge can connect with other systems for retrieving automatic data. Please contact us if you have more questions.

Site package


  • IoT Gateway
  • Water meter
  • Energy meter

Physical installation


  • Pre-configuration of hardware
  • Physical installation of:
  •     Gateway
  •     Water meter
  •     Energy meter
  •     District heating

System Integrations

Fixed rateper hour

  • Collect data from an existing APIs
  • Visualise API data in dashboard

Sensor Integrations

Fixed rateper hour

  • Get data from existing sensors in buildings
  • Visualise sensor data in dashboard